Where Did 2014 Go?


It’s the time of year to look back to last Christmas at our bustle with less hustle. First off, when we were involved in sports car road racing in the early 70s we learned about racing tape. It was magical; almost anything could be fixed with it. Years later we learned it was really called duct tape.

So fast forward to this year where duct tape found many uses (see pictures below): it helped a bar-b-cue cover survive last winter (but not the winds of this October so we had to find a new one in November); it helped get residue off bottles for re-purposing in the garden; and it helped to hold double gates closed during high 60 MPH gusts (this was after bracing didn’t help).

To honor duct tape, we created our Christmas card as a multi-media piece using duct tape!

Starred Photos

The year was filled with holidays and celebrations – we start where we left off, last Christmas:

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Day trips and, of course, the beach. Starting with The Dalles, Oregon, then Tacoma, Washington, and followed by Cannon Beach, Oregon.

The Dalles, Oregon; Columbia Gorge Discovery Center and Wasco County Historical Museum:

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Tacoma, Washington; LeMay – America’s Car Museum:


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Cannon Beach, Oregon; What else is there to say:

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Bits ‘n pieces plus grand-kids activities:


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As the year comes to a close we are blessed for the time we’ve had together, the memories we’ve made with the grand-kids, and the friends who are always there. As long as our health can hold (Jim’s leukemia tests continue to be good), we’ll be back with another newsletter from Fort Forbes next year.

With warmest Christmas blessings,

Jim ‘n Bobby


3 responses to “Where Did 2014 Go?

  1. Very nice, and a great idea to share the way you did!
    Unfortunately, our Christmas card to you came back. Do you have a new mailing address or are you all digital these days.
    Blessings and Merry Christmas,
    Jeffra and Bo.

  2. Happy New Year Forbes Family, I really enjoyed your 2014 commentary and photos. I waited until today to open it because I knew I’d have more time to enjoy, which I did. Have an awesome 2015, Marilyn See you in February ?

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